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Botanical Waters

Hydrosols are so gentle they are often referred to as the homeopathic version of essential oils. These lovely botanical waters are amazing for your skin and your emotions. Plus they are gentle enough for babies and pets.  
You can spritz them on the face as a skin toner or add to lotions and gels.  Feel free to mix different hydrosols together to create your own custom toner. They are also used to cool the skin, reduce pain, stop hot flashes,treat rashes,cuts and burns, moisturize the skin, reduce oily skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, aid anti-aging.

Because of their gently actions taking your hydrosols internally is easy to do.  There are a few safety issues (see our list on the hydrosol page) but otherwise they are safe and very yummy.  I have so enjoyed drinking them in my water each day.  Choosing a different hydrosol each day gives me something to look forward to. 

Another wonderful way to drink your hydrosols is to make an aromatic tonic.  You simply add hydrosols to club soda, mix and match flavors and create your own tonic bar.  You can also add sugar or honey to them, but I think the flavor of the hydrosol really comes alive without it.  Skip the sweetener and add a splash of fresh squeezed fruit juice for more interesting flavors.
Here are a few of my favorite combinations, pour them over ice and enjoy a refreshing, healthy aromatic tonic!

To one cup of club soda add:

  • 1 tsp. A.H. Chocolate  and  ½  tsp. A.H Peppermint   
  • 1 tsp. A.H. Rose Geranium and 2 ½ tsp. Orange juice
  • 1 tsp. A.H. Lemon Balm and 2 tsp. fresh lime juice    
  • 1 tsp. A.H. Cucumber and 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice

Blend club soda and hydrosols, pour over ice....Cheers!

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