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Flowers and French Lace
About Us
Earth Sweet Essential Oils was created in Boulder Colorado by Crystal Baldwin .  Her goal is to introduce the healing world of aromatic essential oils, and empower everyone to heal themselves.  This can only happen with purest essential oils and eduction.  That is what Earth Sweet Essential Oils is all about.  Welcome to our beautiful aromatic world!
Hugging Lavender in France
Crystal Baldwin is a Holistic practitioner and educator. She is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, a State Certified Esthetician and a Clinical Aromatherapist.  She has studied with great teachers all around the world. Her path of healing started twenty five years ago in the medical field but her passion has always been essential oils.  She teaches esthetic students and massage therapist the importance of using pure essential oils. She writes articles for the local paper and teaches classes for the general public.  Her greatest satisfaction is being a part of her client's healing process making blends for them and teaching them how to use essential oils to heal themselves.  She believes that good health is the most precious gift of all and essential oils makes the path to health so much easier as well as a beautiful journey. "Be happy, be well".