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This blend is intended to relax and calm the mind. It helps relieve anxiety and release stress. A pleasant way to get through the extra stresses life throws at us.

It contains a base oil of jojoba and the essential oils:

HOWOOD-This oil is both calming and relaxing and sometimes used in place of rosewood. It is a deep sedative and supportive for the immune system.

LAVENDER- Being the great balancer, lavender oil aids in relaxing, calming and quieting the spirit. It brings a peaceful sensation and melts away fears.

PALMAROSA-Like lavender, palmarosa is great to balance the systems of the body. It is good for nervous exhaustion, reducing and anxiety and balancing emotions.
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This blend is intended to be uplifting and rejuvenating, while keeping the brain relaxed. Helping to bring a happy mood and overall good feeling to the spirit.

It contains a base oil of jojoba and the essential oils:
May Chang

MAY CHANG- May chang is both uplifting as well as relaxing. Its lemony scent brings a refreshing feeling.

ORANGE-Crisp and uplifting evoking the power of sunshine. Orange oil is good to brighten your mood.
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