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Pelargonium graveolens
PLANT PART-Leaves,seeds
EXTRACTION-Steam Distilled
CULTIVATION-Certified Organic

Geranium is a great balancer. It stimulates the immune system and has a diuretic action. This makes it a wonderful oil for dealing with issues related to the menstrual cycle. Bloating, swollen ankles and,cellulite. It also stimulates the adrenal cortex which can help to bring balance to hormone secretion (think mood swings). Use it in a bath, or add a few drops in a lotion and apply your abdomen. I like to mix a drop of cypress, grapefruit and lavender in my blends for this purpose.

Geranium is also haemostiac (stops bleeding) helpful with injuries. Add a drop to the wound and wrap it leaving the dressing on for several hours.

It is anti-fungal and used in herpes and candida blends. Its balancing effect on the skin makes it great for both oily, dry, or combination skin. Also great for hair.

It has a tonic effect on the liver and kidneys.

EMOTIONAL PROPERTIES: It is uplifting and centering for the mind. Helping to open creativity and intuition

SAFETY ISSUES: Most literature says to avoid during pregnancy. Research says this is related to oral use. Consult a therapist for such use. It is considered estrogen dominant.

MEDICINE CHEST-Very important

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Citrus paradisi
PLANT PART- Fruit Rind
EXTRACTION- Cold Pressed

THERAPEUTIC USES: Another wonderful lymphatic stimulator, grapefruit acts as a diuretic and assists detoxification. Add to your blends for fluid retention. It also helps eliminate lactic acid, so use this oil after exercising to reduce joint soreness and muscle pain.

Its tonic effect on the skin make it a good choice for acne or oily skin types.

One of it's most important attributes is its anti-depressant qualities. In the winter it is my "happy pill". One whiff and you automatically get a smile on your face! I like to blend it with other citrus oils like lemon, orange and lime. Mix it in distilled water for a wonderful room spray.

Uplifting and energizing, it creates a happy mood. It clears clutter from the mind and brings sunshine on bleak days.

SAFETY ISSUES: Can cause skin irritation if oxidized. Use in low doses if sensitive skin. avoid sun exposure if a 4% dilution (or higher) has been applied to the skin.

MEDICINE CHEST- Good to have
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Zingiber officinale
EXTRACTION-Steam distilled

THERAPEUTIC USES: Gingers warming ability combats painful, constricted issues, like arthritis , rheumatism and muscular pain. These can be aggravated by the cold and dampness during winter months. I often mix a few drops of ginger in my blends for clients dealing with knee pain, both post and pre-operative. When you rub the area quickly it heats up the tissue and brings great relief. I have had clients tell me they get relief up to six hours. Use in low doses as too much of a good thing will cause irritation of the skin.

Ginger is also good for digestive issues. Diarrhea, stomach cramps (both digestive and menstrual) nausea caused by motion or morning sickness and chemotherapy. Flatulence, constipation and emotional upset can all benefit from ginger.

Impotence and sexual fatigue can benefit from the use of ginger as well.

While traveling in Thailand i noticed they served Ginger tea everywhere I went. I stopped to get my nails done and asked the girl helping me why everyone served ginger tea? She responded with one word "balance".

EMOTIONAL PROPERTIES: Warming, balancing, increases energy and brings balance to the mind and body.

SAFETY ISSUES: Can cause skin irritation, use in low doses.

MEDICINE CHEST- Important to have

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Juniperus communis
EXTRACTION-Steam Distilled

Juniper is well known for detoxification, diuretic and antiseptic actions. This is the oil to go to when you need to get rid of toxins. In particular where poor elimination and fluid retention is a problem. A great way to assist the body with issues like cystitis, urinary stones, kidney infections and enlarged prostate due to retention of urine. Keep in mind if there is any indication of infection present, medical treatment should be sought immediately. You can continue to use your oils after the situation has been resolved.

Also good for varicose veins, lymph congestion and uric acid elimination. Combined with grapefruit and eucalyptus with massage oil or salts in a warm bath after excessive exercise , this will take those sore muscles away. It will also help reduce bloating.

The astringent and anti-infectious properties make it a great fit for the treatment of acne. Add a drop to your moisturizer and apply as needed.

Juniper has been used over the ages to reduce infection add a few drops in your cleaning products to keep the germs away.

Cleans and purifies the mind and emotions. It is restorative when you feel depleted.

Can cause skin irritation if sensitive, use in low doses.

Although it has been commonly thought that Juniper oil is contraindicated for kidney disease or pregnancy, Robert Tisserand indicates in his book" Essential Oil Safety" that this was linked to Juniperus sabina, no evidence could be found to link these allegations to Juniperus communis.

MEDICINE CHEST-Important to have
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