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Abies concolor
PLANT PART-Needles/ Twigs
EXTRACTION-Steam Distilled
CULTIVATION - Wildcrafted

THERAPEUTIC USES: Conifers have been used for generations cross-culturally. It has been used to heal cuts and wounds, relieve rashes, soften dry skin, assist respiratory, urinary tract and circulatory issues. The uses seem endless.

White fir is a wonderful oil for respiratory and sinus issues. It opens up the respiratory tract, breaks up mucous and decreases nasal swelling. This makes it a great choice for cold and flu treatments or prevention. Because it is Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral I love diffusing this oil in the house. Besides the fact that it kills all those nasty bugs floating around it has the great smell of fresh Christmas trees and just opens up the lungs. Try mixing 8 drops of white fir with 5 drops of orange oil and 5 drops of tangerine in your diffuser for a wonderful fresh scent.

Because White fir works well as a antispasmodic, you can get great relief from spams or cramps. Just place 5-6 drops of white fir oil in 1 oz of lotion or oil and apply to affected area. Cover with a heating pad or warm towel.

White fir also has a anti-inflammatory property making it a wonderful choice for sore muscles, arthritis and joint pain. Mix it into a lotion or body butter for direct application or add 1-2 drops in some bath salts and take a nice warm bath. Below is one of my favorite body butter recipes for low back pain. It is so warming and relaxing to the muscles.

1 oz beeswax
2 oz jojoba oil
1 oz cocoa butter
3 oz coconut oil
Balsam Fir Oil - 20 drops
White Fir Oil - 30 drops
Ponderosa Pine Oil -25 drops

In a double boiler melt beeswax, jojoba oil, cocoa butter. When Melted add coconut oil and stir. Turn off heat and add essential oils. Stir well to incorporate - pour into jars. makes about 7 oz. I like to pour it into 2 oz jars and place around the house. It also works well for a chest rub!

EMOTIONAL PROPERTIES: I once read that the scent of fir oils give us the sense of open spaces and endless possiblitlies. Since fir oils do open up our lungs this always made sense to me. Conifers are are gateways to ancetral connections so try using this in your meditations.

SAFETY ISSUES: Conifer oils can cause skin sensitivities so always dilute them into a carrier first. use low dilution (5-6 drops in 1 oz of carrier) if you have skin sensitivities. Asthma sufferers should approach essential oils with caution and never use the oil in a inhalation.

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